Dog Insurance

Owning a dog can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, but it is also a very serious responsibility. Dogs are completely dependent on you for all its needs, and you have to be prepared to invest time and finances into caring for your dog. Dog food, pet accessories and in particular veterinary check-ups ultimately add up to a significant amount over your dog’s life.

Dogs, like you and I, get sick and have accidents at unexpected times. Unlike humans though, dog health care is not covered by Medicare. Without dog insurance even the most responsible pet owner can find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford their dog’s veterinary services. Vet fees are constantly rising and because of this dog insurance is becoming increasingly popular.

What is dog insurance?

Dog Insurance offered by will cover your dog for up to 80% of the rising costs at ANY licenced veterinarian throughout Australia. In addition, if you choose to take Routine Care your dog can be covered for vaccinations, de-sexing, micro-chipping plus many other day to day health care options. To see a full list of what your dog can be covered for by clicking here.

How will dog insurance benefit me?

Quite simply, dog insurance can protect you from the unexpected high costs of a vet. will pay up to 80% of your vet costs when accidents and illnesses strike.

In addition will also:

  • Provide protection to dogs aged 8 weeks and over
  • Cover starts from less than a $1 a day
  • No excess to be able to claim for costs
  • Fast, easy, hassle-free claims process

To get a free, no obligation quote to see how affordable is for your dog, click here.