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Understanding what your pet insurance policy covers is important to ensure you and your best friend are protected from any surprise vet bills. At, we make it easy to select the best pet insurance cover that is right for you and your pet.

The key things to look out for include waiting periods, benefits and excess costs. Choosing an insurance plan can be confusing, and knowing what each of the policies cover is key to choosing the perfect pet insurance. For example, does the insurance cover consultations, or specific injuries like a cruciate ligament injury. Can you add extra routine care items to your premiums for the little things like vaccinations and teeth cleaning? It’s important to compare the different levels of cover for each pet.

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Browse details of our 5-Star rated Pet Insurance for Outstanding Value by Canstar (Accident Only) by clicking on the below icon, and get our best pet insurance quote in just 1 minute. Our Pet Insurance provides options for both Accidental Injury and Illness Cover, or just Accidental Injury. is also the first to offer exclusive Indoor Cat Insurance, with a tailored low-cost policy to keep your feline friend safe.

Read our full PDS for more details on what each policy covers, and compare pet insurance options to find the most suitable policy for your needs.

Our award winning insurance has you covered.

Our award winning insurance has you covered


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Bridget for Bentley

I took out pet insurance online from 11:59pm on the day before I collected Bentley. I had a 3 hour drive home and didn't want to take any chances. Since then I've submitted a couple of claims for his vaccination and desexing, and the claims process is a breeze. I have Bentley's details set up in the Portal and I just log in, upload a photo of the vet's invoice, and submit the claim. I receive a text message within a few hours, confirming that the claim has been received and the next thing I know the payment goes directly into my bank account. It really is easy!!

Chloe for Uno

Before choosing to insure with, I did a lot of research with other companies and found myself comparing policies to ensure I got the best cover possible for Uno and at a reasonable price.
Over the course of the past four months, I have had to make a claim twice due to an unfortunate and very serious illness Uno had, and was so relieved at how simple the claim process is and had no issues receiving my reimbursement. I am very pleased with this company and would recommend it to anyone looking for pet insurance!

Julie for Rio

Animals are everything good and pure, unconditional love and unspoiled affection. Owning a pet is a privilege and obligation. Loving your pet means looking after them and pet insurance is a great way to be a responsible pet owner.

Jamie-Lee for Avery

I love my dog Avery, and his health is paramount to me. I like knowing my happy go lucky boy is covered for any accidents he may have.

Tina for Jasper Lloyd

Making a claim for my Jasper Lloyd through could not have been easier. Vet visit, paid the bill, scanned the forms and away we were! I kid you not - that simple! Even Jasper Lloyd was laughing at how quick the process was… as you can see!! Both of us are delighted with the company :)

Annette for Tilly

Annette for Tilly

I was always planning to get Tilly insured, but hadn’t got around to getting cover. I came across a ad on a flight to Melbourne and got a quote on my mobile while I waited for a cab. It was cheaper than I thought. So I applied and got her covered. It was so easy, and I earn Velocity Points too!

Naomi for Eric and Jenny

Naomi for Eric & Jenny

I live near the national park, so I always make sure the dogs have cover, but I didn’t really want to pay for Eric and Jenny as they never leave the house. I saw an ad on Facebook talking about Indoor Cat Insurance and got a quote to see how much I would be up for, I was surprised at how cheap it was, so all four of my fur babies have insurance now.

Jessica for Yeezy

I had to travel overseas and I had only just brought home my new Labradoodle puppy (Yeezy). I woke up in the middle of the night on my trip feeling worried that something would happen to him. I compared a few pet insurers and found had Puppy Cover. I applied for cover and received the paperwork within minutes. It was such a relief.

Michael for Cougar

Michael for Cougar

I wanted to make sure Cougar could run around and continue doing what he loves without having to worry about any associated vet bills. He’s getting older, so I want to be able to give him the best care if anything happens. I was referred to by a friend. It was quick and easy to apply online and I was very happy with the price.