Winter is well and truly upon us and here at Pet Insurance, we are pulling out our big coats, boots and scarves to keep ourselves as warm as we can. But as we bundle up, what we usually forget is to make seasonal changes for our furry friends.

To help you figure out what changes need to be made to keep your pet warm this Winter, we have put together our 5 top tips below.

1. Go clothes shopping for your pet

Yes, you read correctly. Transfer your shopping addiction to your pet and pick some super cute jumpers, jackets or booties for your bestie. We suggest picking a waterproof jacket or raincoat for when your pet is outside and a knitted sweater for an inside-only outfit change. Check out the great clothing range from our friends at – they even have dog pyjamas!

2. Change their bedding

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Just like you may add an electric blanket or flannel sheets to your own bed, your pet’s bedding should be changed in the cooler months. Try to prop your mate’s bed up on a frame off the cold floor, move it away from any drafts and add a blanket or pillow to keep them cosy. Pay special notice to older pets who may be suffering from arthritis. The cold can affect them more than their younger, more agile counterparts. Ensure that they have an extra warm place to snuggle up and sleep for minimal discomfort.

3. Bring training inside

Might sound a little strange but using pillows and household objects to create obstacle courses inside can prove to be a great way to keep up your obedience training during the cooler months. You could also work on their scent work by hiding treats within a cordoned off space in the home or in boxes then making them choose where the treat is hiding.

4. Look at food quantities

Noticing that your pet is eating more or less in the cooler months than in Summer? There has been substantial research done to see if weather patterns actually do affect pets and their appetites, however each pet is different. Take individual notice of your pet and how much they want to eat and make changes accordingly.

5. Take care with skincare

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Just like humans, dogs who are subjected to the elements of Winter can suffer from dry hair and skin. Take extra care when welcoming your pup back inside by keeping a towel close and drying their paws to get rid of any excess water. You can also change to a more moisturising shampoo and conditioner to keep those locks luscious!