Taking a new puppy home is a very exciting and nerve-wracking time! Keep your puppy safe and well, and reduce your stress levels by puppy proofing your home before you take your fur-baby home. Here are our top tips:


Put yourself in your puppy’s position

Look at your house literally from your puppy’s point of view: you may feel silly, but get down on all fours and look around. Move or remove chewable items like electrical cords, loose nails, plastic bags or other tempting objects that are in reach. Pick up buttons, string, sewing needles, pins and other sharp objects, and anything small enough to swallow.

If your puppy swallows small objects, they can cause damage to the mouth and internal organs. String and other entangling objects like wire, ribbons and curtain pulls could cause strangulation. Remember a wagging tail can send things flying, too, so look out for things like candles and vases which may get smashed.

Keep all cleaning products out of reach

Keep household cleaners, laundry detergents, bleach, disinfectants, insecticides, cleaning fluid, fertilisers, mothballs, antifreeze, insect poisons, rat poisons and other items in cupboards or on shelves which are out of reach.


Off-limits foods

Ensure the following foods are kept far out of the reach of your puppy. Also, be careful of trees, plants or fruit bowls which may be within their range.


Apple (the seeds are poisonous)

Apricot (the pit)

Cherries (the seed)


Peach (leaves and the pit)

Avocado (especially the stone)


Tomatoes (especially the green parts)

Remove ALL electrical cords in your puppy’s confinement area

Chewing on live cords can result in electrocution, mouth burns and housefires.

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Seat down for safety

Puppies are often tempted to play in or drink the toilet bowl water. Once developed, this habit can be very hard to break. It’s unsanitary and toilet cleaner may be harmful if swallowed.

Do last minute checks

Have a final look around in the days before you bring your puppy home to double check that you haven’t missed anything. Give your house a good clean and make sure floors have enough time to dry thoroughly. Prepare your children on how to behave when you bring your puppy home.

Watch out for shoes!

Shoes make delicious chew toys for puppies, so until your puppy is fully trained, it may be necessary to keep them out of reach.

Keep balconies and high decks out of bounds

Puppies and small dogs can slip easily through railings, so make sure that balconies and high decks remain no-go zones for your precious (clumsy) pooch.

Get a reference book

Buy a book on puppy care and keep it somewhere convenient like the kitchen as you don’t know when you’ll need a quick answer.