Doggy Dental Care

We might protest, we might fight, and cause you to curse, but if you’re looking after canine chompers, you’re doing a good thing. 

Some tips that I’ve put to my human friends that you might find helpful when caring for our teeth… Keep it short. The shorter the better. Remember, your hands are near my…

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Puppy Guide

Handy hints and tips for your new furry friend. Desexing Desex at 6 months of age. In females it greatly reduces the risk of mammary tumours, womb infections and false pregnancies. In Males, it reduces the risk of prostate / testicular problems and the likelihood of roaming. Dental Care Encourage chewing at an early age,…

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Choosing a Name For a Dog?

As a puppy, I can certainly say that I’m completely adorable! So adorable that you make lots of high pitched noises that I REALLY, REALLY like! But what about my name? Have you thought about what makes a really good name? Something that gets my attention, and something that I can learn easily, after all,…

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Top 10 Names for Dogs

Choosing a name for your new puppy is just as important as picking a name for your baby. If you’re stuck trying to pick out a name that suits your pup, we’ve dug out a list of the top 10 names for little boy and little girl dogs!

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