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Look after them, protect yourself

Pet Insurance for cats and dogs

Pet Insurance with no excess to pay

Pet Insurance with
no excess to pay

Up to 80% off your eligible vet bills

Up to 80% off your
eligible vet bills

Claim online and get paid in 5-10 days

Claim online and get
paid in 5-10 days

First to offer Puppy Insurance

We’re the first to offer Puppy Cover with a fixed price for 3 years so you protect your cute and furry friend from day 1.


Exclusive Indoor Cat Insurance

While indoor cats are protected from outdoor dangers, they can still get sick. We offer an illness only policy that’s affordable but still gives them the best care.

Indoor Cat

At home vet visits for scaredy cats

Getting your mate to the vet can be a catastrophe. We take the drama out of it for both of you by covering at home visits by your vet as part of our Indoor Cat Insurance.


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Annette for Tilly

Annette for Tilly

I was always planning to get Tilly insured, but hadn’t got around to getting cover. I came across a ad on a flight to Melbourne and got a quote on my mobile while I waited for a cab. It was cheaper than I thought. So I applied and got her covered. It was so easy, and I earn Velocity Points too!

Naomi for Eric and Jenny

Naomi for Eric & Jenny

I live near the national park, so I always make sure the dogs have cover, but I didn’t really want to pay for Eric and Jenny as they never leave the house. I saw an ad on Facebook talking about Indoor Cat Insurance and got a quote to see how much I would be up for, I was surprised at how cheap it was, so all four of my fur babies have insurance now.

Jessica for Yeezy

Jessica for Yeezy

I had to travel overseas and I had only just brought home my new Labradoodle puppy (Yeezy). I woke up in the middle of the night on my trip feeling worried that something would happen to him. I compared a few pet insurers and found had Puppy Cover. I applied for cover and received the paperwork within minutes. It was such a relief.

Michael for Cougar

Michael for Cougar

I wanted to make sure Cougar could run around and continue doing what he loves without having to worry about any associated vet bills. He’s getting older, so I want to be able to give him the best care if anything happens. I was referred to by a friend. It was quick and easy to apply online and I was very happy with the price.